Impact of employee retention in pharmaceutical company management essay

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Impact of employee retention in pharmaceutical company management essay

Employee retention is important for building a productive, healthy and committed workforce. Retention practices help save costs associated with recruitment, business productivity or poor customer service. The objective of the Employee Retention Strategy is to increase the awareness, tools and information available to employers to assist them in employee retention.

Retention starts at the top. Getting and keeping good staff demands focused, formal and informal policies and procedures that make retention a prime management outcome. Managers need to appreciate staff every day and constantly work to keep them on board. The HR department alone cannot reduce turnover.

For significant, positive change, company leaders must establish distinct retention processes and programs within all levels of an organization.

Employee retention has emerged as one of the dominant themes in management studies during past decade. The major contribution of this study is the examination of determinants of Employee Retention of Pakistan.

Our research results show the relationship and also the intensity level of the determinants through which they impact on the employee retention. Employee retention refers to policies and practices companies use to prevent valuable employees from leaving their job.

It involves taking measures to encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time. Hiring knowledgeable people for the job is essential for an employer. But retention is even more important than hiring.

This is true as many employers have underestimated costs associated with turnover of key staffs Ahlrichs, This is why retaining top talent has become a primary concern for many organizations today. Many critical analysis are conducted to minimize the possible occurrence of shortage of highlyskilled employees who posses specific knowledge to perform at high levels, as such event will lead to unfavorable condition to many organizations who failed to retain these high performers.

They would be left with an understaffed, less qualified workforce that will directly reduce their competitiveness in that particular industry. Therefore, there are several reasons why people quit their current job and switch for other organization. The extend of the job stress, low commitment in the organization; and job dissatisfaction usually result in resignation of employees, Firth Numerous studies showed how high employees involvement is can relate to the intention of leaving an organization Arthur Lacking of opportunities to learn and self development in the workplace can be the key for employee dissatisfaction which leads to turnover.When employee retention strategies function properly, they increase the commitment of employees towards organizational goals.

Impact of employee retention in pharmaceutical company management essay

Thus, if the commitment of employees is won by management through employee retention strategies, it increases job satisfaction, motivates employees to work hard as well as encourages workers to stay in their organization.

Process Management Approach Reduces Scrap, Saves Alcoa Millions.

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A team at Alcoa Power and Propulsion sought to improve product quality, reduce waste and inefficiency, and cut costs. Labour turnover has a negative impact on the organizations.

Although every manager and team member is aware of problems associated with high turnover, a review of its foremost consequences puts employee retention in the appropriate perspective. The Grendels of Risk Management - The Grendels of Risk Management Many organizations and companies create risk management policies to help prevent financial disasters and employee problems.

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